First of the Thirds

This morning was the first of the third Saturday dulcimer mornings at the Culver Coffee Company, and what a lovely morning it was!

When I arrived, Bob Nowak was starting to hang a new academy faculty art show, including some of his own beautiful frost photographs. A little snow had been falling on my way in, but soon stopped as the day warmed up a bit. By the end of my set, the place was pleasantly full.

We were able to set up a spot for me without having to lose any tables — we just moved two stools and one chair to new locations. It was a good spot visually (anyone in the main room could easily watch if they wanted to, and could see my CDs, business cards, and tip jar) and aurally (one friend said the sound carried around to other rooms, too).

Towards the end I was starting to have trouble thinking of what to play next, and at one point I confused the B part of the tune I was trying to play with the B part of a tune I’d played earlier, but overall it was a refreshing time of music for me. I hope it was refreshing for others, as well; I certainly saw a lot of relaxed and smiley faces.

Thanks to all who stopped in for a listen and some eats or drinks.

See y’all next third Saturday!