The Hanshaw Trio

Mostly Celtic music with fiddle, hammered dulcimer, guitar, and mandolin

Photo — The Hanshaw Trio CD cover. Photo — The Hanshaw Trio traycard.

The Hanshaw Trio is a collection of mostly Celtic music with fiddle, hammered dulcimer, and guitar. These are some of the reels, jigs, waltzes, and other tunes we most enjoy playing together. Most are traditional, but there are also some originals and a contemporary piece, too.

For more information, see the HT Recording Journal and About The Hanshaw Trio.

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  1. Staten Island / Julia Delany
  2. Banish Misfortune / Swallowtail Jig
  3. Carolan’s Welcome
  4. Dubuque / Spootiskerry (© Ian Burns)
  5. Down the Brae / Ballydesmond Polkas #2-3
  6. Winter East and Kensington (© Marcy Prochaska)
  7. O’Keefe’s Slide / Derrane’s / Trip to Durrow
  8. Star of Munster / Old Copperplate
  9. Irksome Girl / Midnight Maze (both © Marcy Prochaska)
  10. Cherry on Top (© Craig Higgins)
  11. Out on the Ocean / Morrison’s Jig / Kesh Jig
  12. Hills of Lorne

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