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Getting married? Celebrating a special occasion? Organizing the office staff party? Consider having hammered dulcimer music as part of your special event, whether it’s a wedding ceremony, a reception, a dinner, tea, or garden party, a house concert, or just about anything else.

Performing at the opening of a Lincoln exhibit at the Culver Academies' library.

Performing at the opening of a Lincoln exhibit at the Culver Academies’ library.


Solo: Mixed traditional, original, and classical repertoire on hammered dulcimer. Repertoire can be adjusted to emphasize a particular genre or mood. If desired, additional variety can be created with occasional vocals (with guitar or dulcimer) or with bowed psaltery.

Ensemble: Hammered dulcimer sounds great with other acoustic instruments. I’d be happy to work with other musicians if you have some folks in mind.


See the Repertoire page for a sample music list with sound files. The Recordings page has links to additional samples. Or come to a public performance!


Susan Holota:

“My friends are still commenting on the beautiful and unique instrument played at my wedding. I have always loved the hammered dulcimer and Marcy soulfully elicited its magic to complement a perfect day. Thank you for making my wedding so beautiful.”

Trey Wickham:

“As a musician, the quality and type of music in our wedding ceremony was very important to me. WoodSong [a former trio] helped make that time so memorable. Their unique blend of dulcimer, flute, harp, and classical guitar brought a intimate yet formal, and unique yet classical style to the worship service. Our family and friends continue to talk about how beautiful the music sounded.”

Kim Thurston:

“The music that was performed for our wedding ceremony was absolutely perfect. Several guests commented on how it added that extra something to the service. Marcy went out of her way to ensure that everything went smoothly. She definitely took the stress out of that portion of the wedding.”

Rachel Davis:

“A lot of people commented to me on how unusual and pretty the dulcimer was — many asked me about the instrument and how I found you. Thank you for making our wedding stand out!”

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