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Hammered Dulcimer Information

Find general information and resources here:

  • Instruments . . . A brief description
  • . . . Information and resources plus a discussion forum
  • Email list . . . To subscribe, send an email to
  • Chris Peterson . . . Several useful articles including a buying guide

Dulcimer Builders and Dealers

These are my favorite extended-range chromatic dulcimers:

These folks also make wonderful dulcimers:

  • Chris Foss . . . Bright and affordable; student models available
  • Cloud Nine . . . More bright than mellow; on the heavy side
  • James Jones . . . Half bright, half mellow; student models available
  • Whamdiddle . . . From small to extended range; kits also available.
  • MasterWorks . . . More mellow than bright; quite popular

Regional sources:

Dulcimer Accessories

Chromatic tuners, alligator tuner clips, Blitz string cloths, and soprano saxophone swabs (for dusting) are available at most music stores. Get replacement strings from your dulcimer builder. Here are my favorite sources for other accessories:

Dulcimer Events

Festivals, jams, and other events.

Dulcimer People

Other dulcimer folks in the region:

These are just a few of my dulcimer friends in other states:

  • Rick Davis . . . Performance and instruction

    I met Rick at the UPDF one spring. He was the 2002 Fiddler’s Grove Hammered Dulcimer Champion, and now performs and teaches in Chattanooga TN as well as at the Causeway Dulcimer Fest in Ireland. His focus is Old Time and Celtic music, with a few originals mixed in; check out his new HD-only CD, Of Things To Come…

  • Timothy Seaman . . . Performance, instruction, and recordings

    Tim was my dulcimer teacher and mentor when I lived in Virginia. We also got to play together some before I moved. He has a bunch of excellent CDs available, with classical, original, and traditional music on dulcimer, flutes and whistles, guitar, and more. If you’re ever in Virginia, try to catch one of his performances.

  • Tom Abernethy . . . Climb With Me CD

    Tom and I played together as WoodSong when I lived in Richmond, along with flute player Carolyn Huff. He’s got a wonderful CD out with hymns, folk tunes, and original pieces, featuring hammer dulcimer with classical guitar, Celtic harp, cello, and other instruments.