About The Hanshaw Trio

Photo — The Hanshaw Trio at the Ithaca Farmers Market; by Noella Prochaska.

Ithaca, NY. The Hanshaw Trio performed mostly Celtic music on fiddle, guitar / mandolin, and hammered dulcimer. Our mix of lively and lovely music also includes some originals as well as tunes from other traditions and genres. We have recorded a CD; and you can also hear us on two selections on our dulcimist’s Christmas album, What Child Is This?

About the Musicians

Jerry Drumheller (Fiddle)

Jerry started taking violin lessons when he was nine. He played in school orchestras from junior high through college, then got involved with two community orchestras while living in the Rochester area. After twenty-two years in community orchestras, Jerry moved to Ithaca; he could not locate any community orchestra to play with, but soon discovered the contra dance scene. He had a wonderful time dancing, but his love for the music drove him to learn dance tunes, and he’s been having a wonderful time playing for dances for the last eight years. Now Jerry is performing with his favorite combination of instruments: hammer dulcimer, guitar, and fiddle.

Craig Higgins (Guitar / Mandolin)

Craig began playing guitar at age ten, and at age fourteen he played his first professional gig with a blues/rock band at a bar in Albany, NY. He continued to perform and record rock, blues, jazz, and folk music through college. Local radio stations WRPI, WEQX and WABY played his groups’ music, and he was also invited to perform at the 1991 Tanguray Rock Festival in Chicago, Illinois. In college and graduate school, Craig also studied classical guitar, playing in a number of regional classical music venues with the St. Rose Guitar Trio, Quartet, and various other ensembles. He continues to play guitar and mandolin in various styles, genres and venues, most recently with the Hanshaw Trio.

Marcy Prochaska (Hammered Dulcimer)

Marcy first heard a hammered dulcimer when she went to college in Virginia. Tim Seaman was playing with the worship team at a local church, and Marcy was captivated by the sound of this unusual instrument. Several years later, she ordered her first dulcimer and began studying with Tim. Soon, she was performing with the WoodSong Trio (flute, two dulcimers, Celtic harp, and classical guitar) and a few other local musicians, until she and her family moved to the Ithaca area. Marcy
now teaches and performs in and around Plymouth, IN.