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Sample Repertoire Lists

Look over the lists below to see what kinds of music I typically play. The lists are not exhaustive, so if there’s an unlisted piece you’d like me to play, I might already know it or I might be able to learn it.

A Note About Sound Files

Each tune title is a link to an MP3 sound file — please do not use any sound files without permission.

Most of the sound files are converted from MIDI files. MIDI files were digitally created with NoteWorthy Composer notation software; they’re good enough to show how the tunes go, but the pieces will sound much better live.

Some MP3s, marked with an *asterisk, are either home recordings or clips from one of my CDs. The latter are linked to the CD pages.

Classical (Mostly Baroque)

Many of these pieces can or must be played as duets. Good choices for a second instrument are flute, violin, or (for some pieces) harp.

Traditional and Contemporary Folk

On the Mellow Side

A Little Livelier


Ask me about Christmas music.