New theme: Boxed Apart

I have been working on a new theme design, called “Boxed Apart.” The idea is partly to be more colorful, partly to use more screen space, and partly to improve other areas of the blog design.

I worked on a mockup using just a bare HTML file and a CSS file to get the design looking like I wanted. Now that I’ve uploaded it to my site, it’s not quite looking right. Mainly it’s a matter of some text colors, fonts, and text alignment. There’s also some extra bits in the sidebar that don’t need to be there, and some sidebar styling that needs to be fixed (the table that displays the monthly archives, for example).

Once I get it fixed up, I hope to create another version for smaller screens.

EDIT: Well, I think I have everything working now for this theme. (I was missing a bracket in the stylesheet, and bobafred at the WordPress support forum found it for me.) Let me know if you encounter any problems.

5 thoughts on “New theme: Boxed Apart

  1. When I view your Boxed Apart style in Safari on my iMac, everything is too far left, and the sidebar boxes cover the pattern on the left. It looks like the right amount of space for the pattern is on the right, not the left.

    I like the colors, though, and the style.

  2. Hey Rick,

    Thanks for visiting, and for the kudos!

    Sounds like you’ve got a bigger screen size — this theme is designed for 1024×768. Since the tan content stuff is floated to the right, I guess at a larger size there would indeed be a gap between the sidebar and the content. I’ll have to work on a larger version as well as a smaller one.

    At this screen size, I actually like the sidebar covering the left pattern. It lets me have more space for content, and since there’s usually more content than sidebar, you can see the pattern in full at the bottom.

    Ideally I’d have a variable-width theme that would resize nicely in any screen, but because of images in the posts and overlap of columns, I’m going for this idea of several versions of the theme designed for different screens.

    I wonder what would happen if I floated the wrapper left…

  3. OK,so you meant it to be that way! Yes, I now see that the width of the boxes is not resizable, which makes sense. I just wondered, because of the coinicidence of the width being about the same as that of the pattern, if you had meant to have things more to the left.

    And, yes, I can see the pattern below the sidebars.

    OK, so it’s like you want it, which is the idea, after all. Cool!

    As for the wrapper, just don’t let it float into the river and pollute the landscape. 😉

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