And they’re off!

I just got back from FedEx / Kinko’s where I picked up the final proofs for the trio CD and shipped it all off to National Tape and Disc: CD-R master, CD of PhotoShop art files, proofs, intellectual property rights form (declaring we’re not using NTDC for bootlegging), and the first payment, all traveling together in a bubble mailer, nice and cozy.

It should arrive in Nashville in three days, and come back in another three and a half weeks.


Yesterday I got the final approval from Jerry and Craig, with one revision to the booklet. I did that revision and took it to Kinko’s to order a new proof, and then went down to Wilburland to get some Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs and show Matt our work. After listening to bits of two tracks, he said it sounds good, better than it ought to for a home recording. Gratifying to get approval from a real engineer.

I hadn’t listened to the CD since last Wednesday when I sent it off to the guys for their approval. Too much “in it,” I was afraid that if I kept listening to it I’d keep hearing things I would want to try to change.

When I got home and burned the tracks onto the new CD-R, though, I had to listen to it to make sure it burned properly. About half-way through I started getting nervous and thinking there might still be things I needed to fix. Even though I know that I’m a high-anxiety type and overly sensitive, it was hard not to take this nervousness seriously.

I listened again a few hours later, and decided it’s fine.

It’s fine!

Not perfect, but if we waited for perfection we’d never get anything done. Especially if, like me, your standard of perfection gets more and more absolute the more you work at something. I think imperfections, imprecisions, inaccuracies, and so on, are a given in this earthly life. It’s a fallen world, and we’re fallen people. It’s still important to work on narrowing margins of error, but I think they will always exist this side of heaven.