Sort of in over my head, trying to customize this template. I’m making progress with the background image, fonts, and main colors, but yikes, other details are overwhelming. For example, I want the body of each page to stay put — to clear the paisley border on the left (which I remember I had to remove for users of older IE… which reminds me I need to be testing all this to make sure there’s no problems for older browsers), and for the left margin not to move when someone changes the size of the window. But I still want the width to be collapsible, to avoid those annoying horizontal scrollbars. I’m not sure quite how to go about doing this. I almost wonder if I’d be better of building a template from scratch — I might understand it better than just experimental tweaking of an existing template.

I also don’t know yet whether I want to revise my whole site with WordPress (which offers static “Pages” as well as blog posts) or just keep existing static pages as is. That may affect how I customize the template — if I revise the whole site, I might change things more, but if I keep existing pages, I want the blog to more or less match.

And normally when I link to pages within my site, I don’t have to spell out the whole url, but just a slash and the desired page’s name. But since this blog thing is in a separate directory, I don’t know how to escape that directory without just typing out entire urls. And yet I don’t like the idea of having all the WordPress stuff in my main directory.



Not to mention I need to keep practicing for the upcoming anniversary concert and other events, and the rest of non-online life.