— not for me

My experience with in the last three months:

1 beautifully composed web-based press kit
17 leads (people looking for music)
–only 1 of which specifically asked for hammered dulcimer
0 hires

If people could find me by searching for things like “classical,” “celtic,” “unique,” or “acoustic,” I bet I’d be doing better. But you can’t just say “classical” etc on this system — it’s only “classical harp,” “classical piano,” and so on, and there’s no “classical hammered dulcimer” option.

People hire me because they hear my music and like it, or because they’re looking for something different. Not enough people know about dulcimer to go looking for it.

I mentioned my concern about the categories, suggesting that it makes more sense to separate type of music from type of instrument, and one of the account executives responded that they’ve been using this system for 15 years. And some other polite but inactive language.

Bummer. I will NOT be renewing.