To School

Daughter goes to preschool in just a few weeks! Her school is in Mishawaka Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Since it’s just three hours each day and the commute’s an hour, I’ll just stay up there while she’s in school.

I’d love to find a home or music store or other space where I could offer dulcimer lessons. I’ll let you know if I find a place, and if you have ideas let me know.

I’m missing my trio; except for a few one-time things, I’ve been solo since we moved to Indiana. I don’t know if I will have time and motivation to be committed to a new band, but part of me is itching to find some folks to play more regularly with. I’d be especially interested in Irish flute and guitar or bouzouki, playing mostly Celtic with some classical and original and other traditional things thrown in.

A friend at Mark’s school plays viola; we have some tentative plans to work up some classical pieces together. I haven’t worked on my parts all summer, though! Better get out that sheet music again.