Culver Coffeehouse private party

Last night I provided music for a going-away party held at the Culver Coffeehouse.

It’s a nice place with good food, a big fish tank, a corner with a couch and cushions, various teas and teacups and coffees and accessories for sale. One corner by a window is raised up, and that’s where I played. There’s a railing on two sides with a wide top, good for displaying CDs, business cards, and the tips jar.

The party went well — the room was comfortably full and people seemed to be having a good time munching goodies, passing the baby around, and chatting.

I like playing background music; it doesn’t require people to sit still and pretend to pay attention, but adds a little loveliness to what they’re already doing.

One thought on “Culver Coffeehouse private party

  1. Sounds like a really neat place to play a gig. Out here by me there really aren’t any places like that. We had a few small, independent coffeehouses out here that had live music occasionally but they have mostly gone out of business, one-by-one, since Starbucks moved in. I’m glad you gig went well!

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