Culver Farmers Market

Culver has a small farmers market under a canopy on a grassy area near the CVS and the library.

Today I played there, between a stained-glass craftsman and a maker of wooden toys, trying to block the sun with a sheet pinned up behind me borrowed from a maker of potholders and embellished towels and such things. Other vendors were selling sorghum, honey, jam, flowers, plants, clothing, and jewelry. No produce except some asparagus; it may still be early in the season.

I played for about three hours, with many rather long pauses as other vendors or visitors chatted with me.

It was hot.

But it was nice to be out and playing, and the tips and one CD sold were nice, too.

One thought on “Culver Farmers Market

  1. Sounds like a nice day! I haven’t played any markets yet this year, although I am scheduled to play one in Ferguson in July. Typically, I have been playing those on guitar with a friend of mine, but I hope to start playing more HD this year.

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