Opie’s Deli Jam

Local musicians and music teachers Liza and Mark Woolever got a jam started at Opie’s Deli in Plymouth.

Opie’s reminds me of Ithaca. The guy behind the counter has his grey hair in a ponytail. They emphasize wholesome, natural, least-processed foods. Their bread comes from a local bakery run by nuns. (The bakery is part of a farm that also raises beef and produce.)

We play in the back room. There are a bunch of fiddles, a couple guitars, banjos, and mandolins, a fancy washtub bass, a bodhran, a whistle, a flute, a group of listeners, and me. Everyone is either a student and / or a friend of the Woolevers’. One of the listeners has a hammered dulcimer and takes my card, saying she’ll get in touch about maybe starting lessons.

Mostly we play fairly slowly; mostly we play songs with three chords and keep them that way. For two jigs we also take time to play them a few times at dance tempos, which is fun. People sing when there are words.

It was refreshing to get out and play.

And the French onion soup was fabulous.

5 thoughts on “Opie’s Deli Jam

  1. Sounds like a really fun time! Glad to hear you are hooking up with other musicians after moving.

  2. Dear Marcy
    I,m kaveh.I play santour (iranian dulcimer)
    I have some question about dulcimer,about strnigs,wire,pedal and …
    I havent your email address and I Leave a Comment.
    can i have your email address ? please send your email address to my email

  3. Kaveh, I recommend you take your questions to EverythingDulcimer.com — I am pretty sure there are some santour players or at least more knowledgeable folks over there.

  4. sounds great, I am having a folk art gathering (2nd annual) at my place of business just outside of Plymouth and am looking for musicians that would play for a while just for the exposure.Trying to get a “thing” going on a limited budget. Will advertise so your band will get recognition. if this is enough for you to be interested please let me know. I would love fiddle, dulcimer, banjo type musicians. love to hear from you.

  5. Phyllis,

    I haven’t been back to that jam since I wrote about it in April 2008. Please give me more information about your event — date, time(s), etc.

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