A little update

It seems like I haven’t had a lot to say about dulcimer doings lately — I suppose that’s partly because we’re more preoccupied with getting ready for a baby.

So what has been going on?

Just a handful of things since Chattanooga. Playing at Alterra, at the Johnson Museuam, at a baptism, at a wedding this past weekend, and not playing much at the Farmers Market, once because of rain and once because they couldn’t fit me in.

This month looks a little busier, especially for The Hanshaw Trio. We have gigs tomorrow night (Music in the Hollow), this Saturday (a private party), next Thursday (Market), and the last Thursday of the month (Pourhouse). In addition, I’ve got another Alterra date early next week.

Next month there’s at least the Upper Potomac Dulcimer Fest, assuming I get the all-clear to travel at our next prenatal visit, and one more Hanshaw market date.

In October, I have one wedding booked the first weekend, with a substitute lined up just in case, and otherwise I don’t plan to book any gigs, since we’re due November 8. I know it’s more likely for a first baby to be late, but it seems wise not to take chances.

I continue to offer private lessons, and will do so through October, but the workshops are on hold indefinitely. Of course, if a group of folks plans a workshop or group lesson on their own, I’d be happy to teach.

I’ve been working on learning another Bach prelude, in spurts. I started before the tendinitis hit last fall, and occasionally this summer I’ve worked on it a bit more. Learning classical music — for me — usually involves a lot of discipline. I work a phrase at a time, then string phrases together, then work on that section until I’ve basically got it memorized. So far on this prelude I have learned the first page and part of the second (it’s two and a half), but since I haven’t been disciplined about working on it every day (or even every week), I haven’t memorized it yet. It’s also difficult because of the technique involved; the hammering pattern is just a bit awkward, and there are lots of big reaches. Some day!