First market day

The Ithaca Farmers Market has been going since the first weekend in April. I made my first appearance today, and was fortunate to be able to play.

There are still lots of empty booths, but soon enough the market will be full.

It was a lovely sunny day, even though a stiff wind from the lake kept me chilled, standing in the shade of the market’s pavilion.

I was able to play about three hours, which is exciting, considering the tendinitis situation. I might have even played longer, except I was cold and running out of ideas and thought it would be better not to push it just yet. After all, since the Christmas season I haven’t played longer than an hour, even practicing at home.

It was nice to be back at my favorite venue. To see the friendly crowd and some familiar faces of vendors and visitors. And the chicken curry over udon noodles was a lovely lunch for a windy day.