Sam Rizzetta on the web

Sam Rizzetta is the guy largely responsible for what modern American hammered dulcimers are like. He’s also a teacher at workshops, a performer, a recording artist, author of instructional material, and continues to build innovative dulcimers.

He now has a website at, where you can see pictures of him and his work, read about his background and his instruments, find out where he’s performing next, or order books and recordings.

The site is my design, using WordPress as a CMS (content management system). WordPress is also the program I use for this blog. I decided to use it for Sam’s site because its interface is easy to use and doesn’t require much — if any — knowledge of code.

Designing the site meant creating a theme via a CSS stylesheet and adapting existing WordPress PHP theme templates, finding and implementing plugins to use a static front page and to make the search feature work properly, and creating the pages. I also used PhotoShop to create the background image from the rosette photo used in the header.

Anyone else need a simple, easy-to-maintain site?