It’s that time of year when I have to manually change the copyright date on all my pages. I’m considering moving the pages into WordPress ‘Pages’ instead.

The advantage, besides enabling me to change the copyright date in just one file, is that it might be easier to edit and manage pages in WordPress — although I’m not yet convinced, after trying to copy the recordings page. I don’t like the way WordPress formats their HTML editor. The regular composing window is fine, but if I want to get into the HTML code, it’s all lowercase and almost entirely run together — I like to use uppercase in my HTML tags to make them easier to find, and I also like to use plenty of white space to make navigation easier. Hmmm.
The disadvantage (or should I say one of the other disadvantages) is that the URLs of all these pages will change, so that if anyone has bookmarks or links they’ll also need to be changed. I don’t really like the idea of doing that any more than necessary, but if it would be a good move in the long term, I’m willing to consider it.

So I may keep playing around with copying some pages into WordPress. You’ll see them in the sidebar under ‘Pages.’ The originals are all still there, and you can get to them directly or indirectly from the navigation links at the top of this page, between the header and the rest of the content.