Variety hour(s)

It’s been a long time, almost a month. It’s all Craig’s fault — first it was wrist pain, then a trip, then he and his family got sick… obviously all done on purpose to delay our recording, lol. But now that he’s back, and healthy, we’re at it again. Twice this week.

Tonight we decided on a new approach. No more sessions with fourteen takes of the same set. It’s just too hard to evaluate fourteen takes. I’ve narrowed those down to six, but even that was exhausting, and I still need to narrow the six down to two or three for the trio to choose from.

Instead, we decided we would do more evaulating at the session, eliminating takes that didn’t feel good or that we know we made significant mistakes on. Once we had two or three good ones to take home, we’d move on to another set.

So tonight we went through Out on the Ocean / Morrison’s / Kesh yet again, then Winter East and Kensington, and finally Carolan’s Welcome.

I’m a little uncertain of our arrangement for Carolan’s Welcome. The first time, the fiddle leads and the guitar and I play backup. The second and third times we do a call and response; the fiddle leads and I follow. The final section we play together.

I wonder if maybe we ought to have me lead the first call and response, so that there’s more of a contrast from the first time through. Something for us to think about and listen to.