The rest of 2003

Somehow I think I missed a post — way back years ago when I translated what used to be static gallery / scrapbook pages into blog posts. Those pages now go straight from winter 2002-2003 to spring 2004.

Here, I’ll at least post the missing pictures, and talk about them as well as I’m able to from a few years’ perspective. I’ll date this as if I’d written it at the proper time.

rivercoffeehouseThis was the first time I performed at The River Coffeehouse in Vermont.

It all started when I was trying to find Rodger and Marisa Hamilton to ask their permission to perform their Communion song, “Remember Me,” which I used to have on an old cassette that I’d gotten from someone at my old church. When we finally made contact, they invited me over to perform.

I played a good bit of dulcimer, of course, and it was also a nice opportunity to sing one or more original songs with guitar.



A little girl in the audience drew the performance.

baptismI got to play for a baby’s baptism, which was a great joy. The ceremony and reception were both held at the parents’ home, and it was all lovely. If I remember right, the godparents were present by phone — their proxies held up the cellphones up front during the ceremony.

velvetTrim the Velvet was a relatively short-lived trio. We formed when Harry’s large (loud) Irish band was booked for an art opening, and he decided a smaller ensemble would better suit the space. Here we are playing in one of the pavilions on the Commons, Ithaca’s pedestrian shopping area.

jerryandharryHarry, Jerry (the fiddler), and I were all frequenters of the summer open contra dance band there on the Commons. Jerry was usually the band leader those summer Monday nights.

farmersmarket2Playing at the wonderful Ithaca Farmers Market.

anniversary3I celebrated my third dulcimer-playing anniversary at Mom’s Place bed and breakfast, where I’d also played for the hostess’s arts and crafts show the previous Christmas season.